As we move into the last month of the year, I am reminded of the many things all of us have had to change or conquer this year. I know for Children’s Corner we have had to change how we bring families into our classrooms, how many additional sanitizing procedures we have had to implement, contact tracing changes, quarantine changes, additional licensing and state requirement changes and many staff schedule changes! We know that our families have also had many of these obstacles to overcome as well as those changes you have had to make where you work. However, the one constant that I can share is that Children’s Corner has remained committed to providing the best care possible for the children here and remain dedicated to serving the Fergus Falls and Perham communities the best way that we can. For that, I am grateful to all who have worked so hard this year to meet our goals and commitments. Thank you to our families who have been kind and supportive and thank you for sharing your children with us each day.

In addition to being committed to our families and the children, I am also committed to always doing my best to provide a positive working environment for my staff. They have all had to make multiple changes in classroom procedures, additional cleaning and so many of them have had to fill in a classroom for staff who were out to keep the classroom open for childcare. Many times, there was not a lot of notice, and they made the changes understanding how important it was for us to provide care each day. To be able to provide my staff with time to rest, relax and renew, we are going to close 2 additional days in December. This will give all of them time to spend with their families and have extra time to enjoy some fun events!

 Please note the following days that both Perham and Fergus Falls sites will be closed:

December 23rd – parents do not pay tuition for this day

December 24th – parents pay tuition as this is a “regularly” scheduled paid holiday as per the handbook

December 31 – parents do not pay tuition for this day

I hope all of you can take time and enjoy those around you whom you care for as well as care for yourselves. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about these days or anything else that I can help with.

Thank you,


November 22, 2021

Greetings Parents!

As you have probably heard, the number of COVID cases is rising within our communities and this can become a struggle for many. Children’s Corner is working hard to keep the rooms sanitized daily and following our sick policy. We ask that you closely monitor yourselves and your children before coming in to the building. Please continue to drop off your child outside of the classroom, to reduce the number of people coming in and out of our rooms. Also, monitor your children’s health and please keep them home with symptoms of fever, cough, excessive runny noses and upset stomach (all listed within our policy). We are doing our very best to not have to close classrooms and need your help in assisting us in doing so by keeping sick children at home.

With that being said, please know that we cannot control the number of staff that may be out at any given time with the positive cases rising all around us. We will do our very best to keep all classrooms open, but I want to be honest and let you know that any staff shortage due to illness, may result in classrooms closing. There is very little we can do to control others’ health, but will make every effort to keep classrooms open if we are able. We still have to follow the state licensing guidelines for qualifications and ratios, so please understand that the last thing we want to do is close classrooms but may have to if required.

To cut down on the face to face contact, the Fergus Falls center parent/teacher conferences set for Tuesday night are cancelled.  This will give everyone a bit more time during a very busy week and also reduce the close contact for the conferences at this time. We will reschedule at a later date and will let you know once we get them rescheduled.

Thank you to all who have been supportive of us during this stressful time. We truly have amazing staff who have stepped in and stepped up many times over and over. They have worked in different classrooms, come in early, stayed late and cut down on their break times. Children’s Corner is so appreciative of our staff and couldn’t do any of this without them and their dedication. I am thankful for those that have made the commitment to care for our “littles”.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! I hope you are able to take time to relax, eat and laugh. We could all use some happy times to enjoy.



October 5, 2021

Children’s Corner Parents:

Thank you for remembering that we will not be opening until 7:30am each day! I know that sometimes it’s easy to forget about the changes sometimes. This information was given to parents a few weeks ago and is posted on our website. If you are not signed up for Remind, please do so as that is the avenue for communication. The doors in both of our buildings will be locked until 7:30 am, to be sure that our staff have time to be ready as well. We appreciate you understanding that we are doing everything possible to recruit new staff and to keep up with the demand for child care in our communities.

COVID reminders: It is imperative that we have everyone following our health practices during the recent upswing in COVID cases again. Please know that there are many different agencies that we work with and our only goal is to keep everyone as healthy as we can and not have to close classrooms! In order to accomplish this, I need your help in makings sure all of the practices are being followed.

  • If your child has any of the primary symptoms that would exclude them from child care, please do NOT send them. Keep them home for a couple days, monitor symptoms and get them tested if continues. Call the center if you are questioning.
  • If anyone in your household has a pending COVID test, please do not bring your child until you get the results back. Even if your child is not displaying symptoms, they cannot come until the results of that household member come back as negative.
  • If your child is a direct contact with someone who is COVID positive, please let the child care center know right away. Your child will need to quarantine for the full 14 days and if anyone else within the household has a positive COVID, then the quarantine would be extended an additional 14 days from that date. Please be sure that you talk to Sue directly if you have a positive COVID as she sets the quarantine dates. We will not do shortened quarantines as that is not the safest for our children and staff. (tuition is still paid)
  • If your child becomes sick during the day, the center will contact you and we ask that you pick up your child within 1 hour or less. It is very hard for us to keep sick children longer than that amount of time and we want to be able to keep the germs from spreading any more than they already are! Please follow the instructions on the sick form sent home with your child that would indicate the first day that they may return. Feel free to call the center with any questions.
  • If mandated, we may have to request that masks are worn again inside our buildings. I am working closely with our Board on the decision making for this. Please know that any decision made is in the best interest of all who enter.

This isn’t fun for any of us right now and all we can do is follow the guidelines, make sure we are following good practices and lead with integrity. Many of our staff have been here since the beginning of this pandemic and are all doing their best to provide the best possible care for your children within the rules that we have. Thank you again for your understanding! Please reach out with any questions.