May 26, 2022


We have all had to face economic changes over the course of the past year. The changes have created many different challenges for us all and we have had to think and act as creatively as we can to respond to the many issues faced. All of the increase in costs that you have faced at home are the same for our child care center. We are paying more for all of our supplies, food and equipment and services. The multiple times that we had to close due to COVID only added to our financial stress. As you know, we did not charge parents tuition if we closed classrooms or a building over the course of the past two years and in doing so, we felt it was a fair practice to our parents but understood that it may result in a hardship for us. All of these things were well out of our control and unfortunately, there was nothing we could do differently.

Our staff are our greatest asset and during the pandemic it became clear to communities how important providers truly were when child care became scarce. In the field of Early Childhood, I have advocated both at the local and state levels the importance of fair wages for those that work with our littlest learners. I have spent time testifying to our state legislature this year on the importance of child care, the effect it has on the economic impact of our communities and the importance of our staff being fairly compensated for what they do. What we are seeing now, due to the major changes in economics, is a workforce that is scarce due to the wage competition at other businesses. Child Care centers within our state are competing with fast food chains, retail stores and other businesses for employees. Due to that demand, the wages we offer are not competitive in relation to other human service or retail positions.

Children’s Corner has been no exception to these changes and are facing a time in which we need to respond in a way that keeps us financially stable. The Board of Directors recently met and have made the decision to increase the tuition for our services. As you know, the only source of consistent income is the tuition that we charge. Please know that the increase in tuition will be directly applied to an increase in staff wages; without the tuition increase, we could not increase pay and would find ourselves in a position of not having enough staff to provide the care that our families need. In a conversation with other center directors within our region, they are increasing their tuition to be sure that they have the ability to attract and retain staff as well. We are all doing our best to react to how our economy has changed.

First billing period for new tuition will be June 27-July 8. Billed the week of July 11th.

Infant tuition                     $240 per week

Toddler tuition                 $240 per week

Preschool tuition             $215 per week

This notification provides families with a 30 day notice so you can plan for the increase and make the best decisions you need to. Please reach out directly to Sue with any questions about the new tuition, as our classroom staff are not a part of these decisions. Thank you for your support as we move forward.